“We were almost home”, “It’s just around the corner”, that is just some of the stuff our tow truck drivers hear after picking up a stranded motorist. It’s sad when a vehicle should have been towed but the driver decided to keep driving just a little farther.  These types of situations can cause a two or three hundred dollar job to become a several thousand dollar repair bill.

Questions on when to have your vehicle towed, ANY overheating issue should be towed rather than driven.  By far this is the number one increased vehicle damage scenario we see.  Something that turns on a red warning light is a good indicator that you should call a tow truck for your vehicle.  A yellow warning light indicates you should seek service at your repair facility as soon as practical but normally doesn’t require being towed.

Any time you have a loss of oil pressure or when you step on the brake and the pedal goes to the floor suddenly, do not drive it. Get it towed.

Large fluid leaks or a badly slipping transmission; a tow is most likely the best decision in order to avoid further damage to internally lubricated parts or damage from overheating or slipping components.

A good rule of thumb is “When In Doubt, Tow It”!

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