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ABS Warning Light Meaning

The ABS light deals with your vehicle’s braking system, precisely the anti-lock system.  When the ABS light is on, the Anti-lock Brake system computer has detected a malfunction somewhere in the system.  Possible causes could be anything from low brake fluid to an issue with a wheel speed sensor or any other component within the ABS system.

While the ABS light is on, you will still have normal braking capabilities. However if you get into an emergency stop situation, the anti-lock brake system will not take over your braking—that is, the wheels on your vehicle will lock up just like a car not equipped with anti-lock brakes.  Therefore, you lose the ability to negotiate around objects in your line of travel.  Instead, forward momentum will probably cause you to hit object in your path.

Some of you may remember your parents telling you that if you’re driving in icy conditions, you should pump your brakes and not apply them hard.  This is the same operation principle of the ABS system. The ABS system pumps your brakes ten times per second, an operation that is not humanly possible.

The ABS light typically comes on with a yellow colored warning emblem.  It doesn’t mean you need to stop immediately, but it does indicate the system is inoperable until you have it repaired.  It doesn’t mean your car won’t stop; it doesn’t mean your brakes have completely failed; it simply means that the anti-lock side of your braking system is not going to be operational should you get in a panic stop situation or trying to stop on a slick surface. Drive with care and as soon as possible get your vehicle to a shop for testing.

Anti-lock Brake systems are one of the best safety improvements in the last 20 years.  This braking system has saved countless lives and prevented untold numbers of collisions.

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