The Meaning of the Oil Light

The oil light can indicate a problem with either the oil pressure or oil level—sometimes both.  Should the engine lose oil pressure, the oil light will come on.  This light will be red because you need to shut the engine down quickly.  When the oil pressure is too low, there will be internal damage to […]

What If The Temperature Light Comes On

Most of today’s cars have an engine temperature gauge as well as a temperature light.  The light for engine temperature will always be red, if this illuminates you need to shut the engine off as soon as possible.  The longer you continue to drive, the more catastrophic the damage will be.  Eventually, you will cause […]

Warning Light (reduced power)

Primarily seen on GM vehicles, the reduced power light is usually red and indicates that something is wrong, the vehicle has gone into “limp mode” – just like “we are limping” or another example “we have only one leg and can’t run.”  A fault in this system could be problematic.  Many times, this fault pertains […]

Traction Control

Your vehicle’s computer system not only monitors the brake system and airbags, but it also helps change power from one wheel to another in all-wheel-drive vehicles.  For  example, in an all-wheel-drive vehicle, say you get stuck in snow or a muddy spot next to the road and are trying to get out. One wheel is […]

Air Bag Light (SRS)

Air bags are an extremely important safety feature.  If your vehicle is equipped with air bags you will see a light in your dash for SRS (Air Bag Light).  Supplementary Restraint System, (SRS) is the acronym used and the key word here is supplementary. If you see any warning lights come on, remember Express Auto/RV […]

Why Should I Use A Professional Car Wash?

Professional car wash operators are passionate about car washing.  They understand that your automobile represents a big investment, and that the average new vehicle is now kept for an average of seven years, with an afterlife often of many more.  The way you take care of your car’s appearance has a direct effect on its […]

Check Engine Light

The check engine light first started being used around 1990.  The original purpose was to provide information about the emission control status of the vehicle.  Check engine lights are normally orange in color because the main purpose is dealing with emission controls.  However, emission controls now encompasses a variety of additional components.  A yellow light […]

ABS Warning Light Meaning

The ABS light deals with your vehicle’s braking system, precisely the anti-lock system.  When the ABS light is on, the Anti-lock Brake system computer has detected a malfunction somewhere in the system.  Possible causes could be anything from low brake fluid to an issue with a wheel speed sensor or any other component within the […]

Dashboard Warning Lights

When you get in the car and turn on the key, various lights illuminate in your dash. What is their meaning? First, there is a meaning to the color coding of these lights you see illuminated in your instrument panel.  These colors are associated with traffic lights you see while driving. If you see a […]

Do I Need A Tow

“We were almost home”, “It’s just around the corner”, that is just some of the stuff our tow truck drivers hear after picking up a stranded motorist. It’s sad when a vehicle should have been towed but the driver decided to keep driving just a little farther.  These types of situations can cause a two […]