In Yuma, Arizona your vehicle’s air conditioning system is as vital an accessory as one can imagine. With summer temperatures exceeding 110 degrees on many summer days and an average high temperature of about 86 degrees annually, there are few places in the U.S. that makes a well operating a/c system a must.

Commonly referred to in its short form as a/c, Express Auto/RV Care Center’s expert technicians can service your a/c unit and ensure the system will operate at peak efficiency keeping you cool and comfortable.

In years gone by, one could get away with an a/c system that did not cool as well as it should due to low refrigerant levels. With modern a/c systems this is no longer the case. Low refrigerant levels can result in too little oil reaching the compressor components causing extremely expensive damage to the compressor. Too much refrigerant put in due to poor training or equipment can have the same result. This is why you want to rely on the professionals at Express Auto to service your vehicles air conditioning system.

Modern leak detection techniques allow technicians to fine even very small leaks. This keeps the refrigerant in the system and out of the environment, and keeps your dollars in your pocket.

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