Auto Air Conditioning

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In the southwest desert, few systems are as important as your vehicle’s air conditioning. With summer temperatures often exceeding 110 degrees, and an average high of 86 degrees annually, it’s essential to have your car’s AC operating at peak efficiency.

Ac Services

If your air conditioner isn’t working, our ASE-certified technicians will quickly get to the root of the issue and get cold air blasting from your vents once again!

Some common air conditioning issues we see are:

  • Refrigerant or vacuum leaks
  • Worn blower motors
  • Bad compressors or compressor clutches
  • Leaking tubes or hoses
  • Mechanical or sensor failures
  • Damaged evaporators

A Well-Maintained AC System Helps You and Your Car

A malfunctioning or failed AC system means more than an uncomfortable ride. Your AC system is directly tied to the heating and cooling system so if any of the components are worn or damaged, it could potentially lead to engine overheating or failure.

To keep your vehicle’s AC, cooling system – and engine – performing properly, it’s important to keep up with your AC maintenance. Although automakers’ guidelines vary, it’s typically recommended to get your car air conditioning service done every year, preferably before the summer heatwave hits. 

During your service, our technicians will check the refrigerant level, add more as needed, and make sure everything else in the system is in good working order. It’s also a good idea to have your radiator flushed every two years or so to remove any buildup that can occur.

If you need car AC service or repairs, call or visit Express Auto/RV Care Center in Yuma AZ today!