Have you seen fluids on the ground where you have been parked? Is your vehicle making noises you haven’t heard before? It could be a loose belt, a leaking gasket or hose, maybe a bad bearing somewhere. If you experience any of those issues, stop in and see the professionals at Express Auto/RV Care Center. We will be happy to perform an underhood inspection or take a test drive with you in order to get an idea of what the issue may be.

Small fluid leaks can develop quickly into large leaks or, over time, lower critical fluid levels to the point that expensive and potentially dangerous failures can occur. It is always wise to take care of issues early before they turn into much more severe and much more expensive ones.

Loose belts can fail suddenly causing an immediate breakdown and sometimes a dangerous loss of power steering. It can also cause severe engine overheating very rapidly leaving you stranded and with the potential of severe engine damage. Don’t let a small problem become a large one! At the first sign of any issues, come in and have the professionals at Express Auto keep your vehicle safe and reliable.

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