Your braking system is obviously the most critical safety system in your vehicle. Maintaining your brake system is vitally important for your safety. We will inspect your brakes and provide you with an estimate of any work that is necessary to keep your brakes in good working condition.

If you hear squealing sounds when the brake is applied, it may mean you need new brake pads or it could just be the result of brake pads glazing or an inferior quality brake pad. Our ASE certified technicians can make that determination for you with a simple brake inspection.

If you hear grinding noises when the brake pedal is applied, that means you must take immediate action to prevent damage to the brake rotors or brake drums. Allowing this to continue is a very costly mistake.

Come in to Express Auto/RV Care Center today to have your brakes checked and serviced if needed. If you’d like to call and speak to one of our service professionals just call (928) 305-0767 today.

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