Are you considering buying a used car? Are you looking at a great deal on one right now? Before you buy, do yourself a huge favor and have the good folks at Express Auto/RV Care Center inspect that good deal before you buy it!

Far too often we see cars or trucks brought to us that look great but have been wrecked and improperly repaired just in order to sell to an unsuspecting buyer. Other times the routine maintenance has been neglected to the point that major issues are on the horizon but are not yet apparent to the casual driver.

You can use a thorough inspection to your advantage in several ways. First, an inspection can prevent you from buying a headache and major expense you don’t want. Second, if there are some issues identified, you can use that as a bargaining chip to lower the purchase price. And, finally, we all want safe and dependable transportation so including any identified needs in your price consideration is just wise planning.

Be sure to have the professionals at Express Auto/RV Care Center inspect any used vehicle before you buy it! Call or stop by today.

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