Express Auto/RV Care Center is your one stop shop for all your transmission maintenance needs. Modern transmissions use much more specialized fluids than ever before with a great variety of fluids available. The professionals at Express Auto will use only the correct fluid type by application for your vehicle. Using the wrong fluid type can result in a variety of issues so it is vitally important to be sure your vehicle receives the correct fluid.

The days of the traditional transmission service where the pan was dropped and the transmission filter was replaced along with a few quarts of new fluid are long gone. With the new fluids and their extensive array of additives, fluid replacement is the best way to keep the transmission fluid in proper condition. Contrary to popular belief, the fluid itself does not “wear out”, it’s the additives in the fluid that break down over time. These additives are responsible for keeping the transmission clean, preventing corrosion, and causing the fluid to behave exactly as the engineers designed through what are known as “friction modifiers”.

Call or stop by today to have the professionals at Express Auto?RV Care Center ensure your vehicle stays reliable and in top condition.

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