Making sure your front end is properly aligned is an investment, not an expense. Poor alignment can quickly wear out expensive tires and it also causes loss of fuel mileage. At the first sign of uneven tire wear, be sure to take your vehicle in to Express Auto/RV Care Center for a front end alignment. Doing so will save money on the need to prematurely replace your tires and the alignment will still need to be done to avoid wearing out your new tires. Taking care of this issue early saves much more money than the cost of an alignment.

Other issues such as “cupping” of the tires or vibrations are often associated with alignment issues. More often than not, the wheel alignment has nothing to do with those issues. Be sure you tell our Service Advisor exactly why you want an alignment so that they can ensure your investment is made in the proper repair or service.

We use computerized wheel alignment equipment so you can be sure that you are receiving the highest quality alignment service possible. Call or stop by and see the service professionals at Express Auto/RV Care Center today!

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