If you’ve noticed uneven tire wear or that it seems difficult to keep your car tracking straight on the road, it’s likely time for a wheel alignment. Bring your vehicle to the ASE-certified technicians at Express Auto/RV Care Center, and we’ll have you steering straight in no time. We use computerized wheel equipment, so you can always be sure your wheels are aligned perfectly!

Invest in Your Safety – and Fewer Expenses Down the Road

Wheel alignment service is among some of the most overlooked types of vehicle maintenance. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s actually an investment! Misaligned wheels can create premature tire wear, causing you to buy tires more often. They can put excessive stress on your car’s suspension and may even affect your gas mileage. More importantly, misaligned wheels can affect your handling and safety.

Wheel Alignment

Other signs you may need a wheel alignment include:

  • The steering wheel is crooked, even when you’re driving straight
  • Your car pulls or drifts to the left or right while driving down a level road
  • The handling feels loose
  • Squealing tires when turning

“Cupping” of the tires or vibrations are often associated with wheel alignment, but they’re generally caused by a different issue. Make sure to tell your service advisor why you’re interested in getting a wheel alignment so we can make sure we’re addressing the problem – and that you’re investing in the proper service or repair.

For reliable, accurate wheel alignment service in Yuma AZ, call or stop by Express Auto today!