Car Advice

Why Should I Use A Professional Car Wash?

Professional car wash operators are passionate about car washing.  They understand that your automobile represents a big investment, and that the average new vehicle is now kept for an average of seven years, with an afterlife often of many more.  The way you take care of your car’s appearance has a direct effect on its overall value.  That’s why it’s important to “let a car wash professional do it.”  Here at EXPRESS AUTO/RV CARE CENTER we have an entire car wash staff dedicated to making your vehicle look its best. Our staff are fully trained with a management team whose careers span many years in the car wash industry.  Our staff are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to deliver to you the cleanest, shiniest car possible.

Check out our newest additions to our car care menu of services. Diamond Plate and Reload ceramic coating for your car’s exterior finish, and for the interior, our Steam cleaning service to remove tough stains and kills harmful virus germs, bacteria and allergens.  Call EXPRESS AUTO to speak to our staff for more information on these services, (928)305-0767

Our car wash equipment here at EXPRESS AUTO/RV CARE CENTER is operated by a computer system that monitors your car and applies the cleaning solutions and polishes at the right time, at the right temperature.  This computer system controls all of the dilutions and chemistry of what goes into cleaning your car, so that there can be no mistake.  Plus, our commercial car wash helps protect the environment.  The soiled water is run through a recycling system and reused.  Delivering a sparkling clean car at the end of the wash process is no small feat.  Professional car washes maintain the correct balance between chemical and mechanical energy used to produce a sparkling car.  In today’s busy world, a professional car wash can save you time and money!  Regular washing makes your car feel good, and it pays off at trade-in time.  Do it right—let the professionals at EXPRESS AUTO/RV CARE CENTER do it for you.